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Becoming a Reflexive Researcher - Using Our Selves in Research
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2004)

In this book, Kim Etherington uses a range of narratives to show the reader how reflexive research...

The Easy Guide to Repertory Grids
Wiley (2005)

A user-friendly introduction to the powerful mental mapping tool of repertory grid technique....

Schaum's Outline of Statistics in Psychology
McGraw-Hill Education (2008)

Schaum's has Satisfied Students for 50 Years. Now Schaum's Biggest Sellers are in New Editions! ...

Quantitative Data Analysis with SPSS 12 and 13: A Guide for Social Scientists
Taylor and Francis (2004)

This new edition has been completely updated to accommodate the needs of users of SPSS Release 12...

Research Methods for Organizational Studies
Taylor and Francis (2005)

This revision of a best selling research methods textbook introduces social science methods as...

Item Response Theory
Oxford University Press (2010)

This volume guides its reader through the basics of Item Response Theory, with an emphasis on what...

The Multivariate Social Scientist: Introductory Statistics Using Generalized Linear Models

The Multivariate Social Scientist

Introductory Statistics Using Generalized Linear Models

SAGE Publications (1999)

Starting from simple hypothesis testing and then moving towards model-building, this book takes...

Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
SAGE Publications (2017)

The engaging Third Edition of Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences shows students that...

Multilevel Modeling Using Mplus

This book is designed primarily for upper level undergraduate and graduate level students taking a...

Clinical Assessment of Dangerousness: Empirical Contributions
Cambridge University Press (2000)

An effective guide to help clinicians make sound decisions concerning the dangerousness of their...