Jack Reacher Series

by Lee Child

Detail from the cover of the UK edition of Lee Child's Past Tense

Jack Reacher is an ex-military law enforcement officer with a penchant for justice. While heavily awarded and lauded in his career, his discharge from the army’s police branch leaves him with a sense of wanderlust, and as such he drifts across the United States (and sometimes beyond) investigating deadly mysteries. Now free from the regimented confines of his military past, Reacher is a rogue who often becomes embroiled in the inquiry of violent crimes. Physically imposing and trained to be ruthless, he isn’t afraid to take matters into his own hands in the pursuit of what is right.

Author Lee Child is a prolific writer who has penned over thirty self-contained stories within the Jack Reacher universe since 1997, and continues to add to it today.

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