Accelerator Health Physics


Accelerator Health Physics tackles the importance of health physics in the field of nuclear physics, especially to those involved with the use of particle accelerators.
The book first explores concepts in nuclear physics, such as fundamental particles, radiation fields, and the responses of the human body to radiation exposure. The book then shifts to its intended purpose and discusses the uses of particle accelerators and the radiation they emit; the measurement of the radiation fields - radiation detectors, the history, design, and application of accelerator shielding; and measures in the implementation of a health physics program.
The text is recommended for health physicists who want to learn more about particle accelerators, their effects, and how these effects can be prevented. The book is also beneficial to physicists whose work involves particle accelerators, as the book aims to educate them about the hazards they face in the workplace.
  • Elsevier Science; December 2012
  • ISBN: 9780323143486
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  • Title: Accelerator Health Physics
  • Author: H. Wade Patterson (ed.)
  • Imprint: Academic Press