Practical Environmental Forensics

Process and Case Histories

by Patrick J. Sullivan, Franklin J. Agardy,

A comprehensive practical guide to environmental forensics

With real-world examples and advice on both scientific and legal issues, Practical Environmental Forensics stands on the front line of this new interdisciplinary approach to the environmental litigation process. Compiled by experts with decades of combined experience in teaching, research, consulting, and litigation, it is the first book to offer a comprehensive presentation of environmental forensics.The first section provides an introduction to the forensic process, a historical perspective on pollution, and related laws and insurance issues. The book continues with a review of the most commonly used technical approaches and methods employed to support forensic litigation case issues.

A third section introduces essential environmental forensic support functions, including admissibility of evidence, expert case management, and the use of mediation methods in settling cases. Finally, the book explores the environmental forensic process through an extensive body of real case studies in which the authors have participated.

This comprehensive guidebook includes:
* Guidance in the development and presentation of forensic opinions within the litigation process
* Stand-alone applications of historical research, groundwater contaminant modeling, chemical fingerprinting, toxicology, and risk assessment to environmental litigation
* Chemical and investigative forensic methods presented within the context of environmental forensic case histories
* Illustrative problem-solving as an invaluable teaching and learning resource
* Typical forensic cases grouped to illustrate the three main areas of environmental litigation: minimizing damages to clients, allocating damages between responsible parties, and resolution of insurance-related issues For engineers, scientists, attorneys, government regulators, financial and real estate professionals, and the broad spectrum of environmental consultants, this book is critical for all whose work involves environmental contamination.
  • Wiley; July 2001
  • ISBN: 9780471437659
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Practical Environmental Forensics
  • Author: Patrick J. Sullivan; Franklin J. Agardy; Richard K. Traub
  • Imprint: Wiley

About The Author

PATRICK J. SULLIVAN, PhD, and FRANKLIN J. AGARDY, PhD, are Partners at Forensic Management Associates in San Mateo, California. RICHARD K. TRAUB, JD, is Founding Partner at Traub Eglin Lieberman Straus in Edison, New Jersey.