Tolerance, Intolerance and Respect

Hard to Accept?

by Jan Dobbernack,

Series: Palgrave Politics of Identity and CitizenshipSeries

With the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity thatis a feature of European societies today, pluralism is experienced in new andchallenging ways. In many places, an urban cosmopolitan mix sits side by side withgroup-based expressions of faith and culture. The debate about the types of'acceptance' that these situations require tend to follow new patterns. Increasingopenness and respect for some may rest upon a reinforced intolerance towards others.This complicates and challenges our understanding of what it means for societies tobe accepting, tolerant or respectful of cultural diversity in its various forms.This volume seeks to meet this challenge with perspectives that consider newdynamics towards tolerance, intolerance and respect.

About The Author

Jan Dobbernack is Research Fellow at the Centre for theStudy of Ethnicity and Citizenship, University of Bristol, UK, and Lecturer in theSchool of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lincoln, UK. His interestsinclude comparative and critical perspectives on the politics of ethnic minorityaccommodation, interpretive policy analysis and social theory.

Tariq Modood is Founding Director of the University ofBristol's Research Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship, UK. He hasheld over 40 grants and consultancies in the UK, US and Europe. He has publishedwidely on political philosophy, sociology and public policy. Recent publicationsinclude Multiculturalism: A CivicIdea, and Still Not Easy BeingBritish: Struggles for a Multicultural Citizenship.