Research in Organizational Change and Development

by Abraham B. Rami Shani,

Series: Research in Organizational Change and Development (No. 22)

This volume includes the role of persuasion in learning and education in the process of organization change and development; the role of leaders in the exploration of alternative ways to create and lead high performing organizations; understanding better the role and impact of the OD practitioner mindset on the evolving process of the change and development effort; developing a deeper level understanding of the connection between organization change content and change strategy; the challenge of system wide transformation in the emerging complex business context; the role and dynamics of sense-making and sense-giving in enhancing and facilitating change; new perspectives about different ways to create organization agility; ways to create responsive business process via a tapestry of learning mechanisms; and, the development of dynamic capability and different ways to accelerate global hybrid team effectiveness. These manuscripts provide an intriguing collection that capture and provide value to the real work of creating a sustainable field of study and practice - organization change and development - and sustainable organizations.