College for Students with Disabilities

We Do Belong

by Pavan John Antony, Stephen M. Shore, Francine Conway, Karleen Haines, Anita Frey, Ehrin McHenry, Mitchell Nagler, Dena Gassner, Patrick Kelty, Kerry Magro, Melissa Mooney, Temple Grandin, Kelsey McLaughlin, Chanelle Tyler Best, Sonia Minutella, Diana Damilatis,

Sharing the personal stories of individuals with disabilities who describe both the challenges and successes of their time in higher education, and with a major section on the findings of broad ranging research into the experiences of such students, the book explores the current situation, what works, and how things can be improved.

"You are not college material" or "you don't belong in college" are comments frequently heard by students with disabilities. Despite this, college education is now an expected part of the transition to adulthood for many individuals with disabilities. The book includes practical advice to encourage self-advocacy in students with disabilities, and to support the professionals who are facing the challenges alongside them.

Covering cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, and much more, this is vital reading for parents, individuals with disabilities, school teachers, college professors, and professionals working with adults with disabilities.

  • Jessica Kingsley Publishers; August 2015
  • ISBN: 9781784501013
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  • Title: College for Students with Disabilities
  • Author: Pavan John Antony (ed.); Stephen M. Shore (ed.); Francine Conway (contrib.); Karleen Haines (contrib.); Anita Frey (contrib.); Ehrin McHenry (contrib.); Mitchell Nagler (contrib.); Dena Gassner (contrib.); Patrick Kelty (contrib.); Kerry Magro (contrib.); Melissa Mooney (contrib.); Temple Grandin (other); Kelsey McLaughlin (contrib.); Chanelle Tyler Best (contrib.); Sonia Minutella (contrib.); Diana Damilatis (contrib.); Alyssa L. Conigliaro (contrib.)
  • Imprint: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

In The Press

Pavan John Antony and Stephen M. Shore give captivating insight into students with disabilities' college experience. This book will be a valuable source of information for students with disabilities preparing for their transition from high school to college, and also for all those who want to increase their awareness of disability and higher education.