World Religions Study Guide


World Religions from MobileReference is a comprehensive quick-study guide, also known as "cheat sheet", for students of religion and history. Navigate from TOC or search for words or phrases. FREE Buddhism chapter in the trial.
Intended for everyone interested in culture and history, particularly undergraduate and graduate art and science students, as well as high school students.

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Table of Contents
1. Buddhism: Overview | Gautama the Buddha | Doctrines and practices | History | Major Sects | Buddhist texts | Demographics today
2. Christianity: Overview | Denominations | Beliefs | Scriptures | Worship and practices | Holidays and Symbols | History and origins
3. Confucianism: Overview | History | Rites | Governing and Meritocracy | Themes in Confucian thought
4. Hinduism: Overview | Core concepts | Denominations | Hindu sacred texts | Origins and history | Six Vedic schools of thought | Themes and symbols | Demographics today
5. Islam: Overview | Core beliefs | The Qur''an | Organization | Denominations | History | Symbols | Demographics today
6. Judaism: Overview | Religious doctrine | Denominations | Jewish observances | History | Demographics today
7. Taoism: Overview | History | Beliefs and Deities | Practices | Scriptures | Symbols and Images | Demographics today


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