Tactical Helicopter Missions

How to Fly Safe, Effective Airborne Law Enforcement Missions

by Kevin P. Means

Over 400 law enforcement units in the U.S. alone now employ aviation units, which represents a significant increase since 1990. With this growth has come the need to advance the mission and capabilities of airborne law enforcement. The main emphasis of this book strives to explain why certain law enforcement helicopter tactics and procedures are safer and more effective than others. The author, whose subject matter expertise has been attained after many successful years of experience as a tactical flight officer, pilot and flight instructor, and through a sharing of his experiences with the reader, captures the intricate nuances of the unique and specialized profession of airborne law enforcement. He successfully summarizes the tactical excellence needed to transform the science and technology of police air support into a masterful art. A well-trained aircrew that is proficient with their tactics, technology, and each other will significantly enhance the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of officers on the ground. When an aircrew is overhead, providing patrol support, suspects are much less likely to continue their criminal activity or escape. The missions that aircrews perform, however, are only part of the equation; how they perform them is what makes the difference between an effective aircrew and one that is less effective. By reading this book, aircrews will become more proficient with their tactics, technology, and are much more likely to be safer and better at what they do.

  • Charles C Thomas; April 2007
  • ISBN: 9780398085346
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Tactical Helicopter Missions
  • Author: Kevin P. Means
  • Imprint: Charles C Thomas