Animal Rights

What Everyone Needs to Know®

by Paul Waldau

Series: What Everyone Needs To Know®

In this compelling volume in the What Everyone Needs to Know® series, Paul Waldau expertly navigates the many heated debates surrounding the complex and controversial animal rights movement.Organized around a series of probing questions, this timely resource offers the most complete, even-handed survey of the animal rights movement available. The book covers the full spectrum of issues, beginning with a clear, highly instructive definition of animal rights. Waldau looks at the different concerns surrounding companion animals, wild animals, research animals, work animals, and animals used for food, provides a no-nonsense assessment of the treatment of animals, and addresses the philosophical and legal arguments that form the basis of animal rights. Along the way, readers will gain insight into the history of animal protection-as well as the political and social realities facing animals today-and become familiar with a range of hot-button topics, from animal cognition and autonomy, to attempts to balance animal cruelty versus utility. Chronicled here are many key figures and organizations responsible for moving the animal rights movement forward, as well as legislation and public policy that have been carried out around the world in the name of animal rights and animal protection. The final chapter of this indispensable volume looks ahead to the future of animal rights, and delivers an animal protection mandate for citizens, scientists, governments, and other stakeholders.With its multidisciplinary, non-ideological focus and all-inclusive coverage, Animal Rights represents the definitive survey of the animal rights movement-one that will engage every reader and student of animal rights, animal law, and environmental ethics.What Everyone Needs to Know® is a registered trademark of Oxford University Press.

In The Press

"A superbly written, well-researched work that objectively looks at the subject matter, explores all sides of the issue, and makes good on its promise to provide the information 'everyone needs to know' about animal rights. Waldau's book will very likely become the animal rights bible and be an indispensible source for any serious discussion of the topic."--ForeWord Reviews
"This book provides a clear, succinct, and broad overview of an emerging area of academic and moral concern in a way that is accessible to many, academic and non-academic alike. Waldau's new work could easily serve as a foundational textbook for any advanced level work in the study of the human-animal relationship. Highly recommended."--H-Net
"Paul Waldau's Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know gives us what it promises: a panoramic view of the major commitments underlying any academic or activist discourse on the rights of animals (or non-human animals as Waldau puts it). Based in the US and working in the areas of animal studies, ethics, religion, law and cultural studies, Waldau is a doyen of the contemporary animal rights movement." --Down to Earth

About The Author

Paul Waldau is Associate Professor and Principal Faculty Member for the online graduate program in Anthrozoology at Canisius College and President of the Religion and Animals Institute. He has served four times as the Bob Barker Lecturer on Animal Law at Harvard Law School and will again do so in 2012.