Smart Smart Home Handbook

Connect, control and secure your home the easy way

by Adam Juniper

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  • 9781781576847

Until just a few years ago, turning a light on and off with a clap was about as clever as technology got.

Today, almost anything can be connected to the internet, and with this connection comes the ability to turn your bedroom lights off from another country, tell your thermostat to create a weather-appropriate lighting scheme, and answer the door without ever leaving your armchair.

This book introduces you to Alexa, Siri, and every major technology competing to smarten your home and improve your life. You'll learn how to choose between them, how to optimize their function, and how to avoid the pitfalls that cause new adopters to wish they'd never let a computer into their home.

  • Octopus Books; November 2018
  • ISBN: 9781781576847
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  • Title: Smart Smart Home Handbook
  • Author: Adam Juniper
  • Imprint: Ilex Press
Subject categories
  • 9781781576847

About The Author

Adam Juniper has had a longstanding interest in consumer technology, having written his first gear review for a magazine before he was old enough to drive. He's written and edited dozens of books, especially on photography, drones and now the arrival of the digital assistant.

Obviously deep down he is yearning to say "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot" to the computer and be rewarded with the perfect refreshment, but for now he's putting his experience into identifying which of the tidal wave of "smart" gadgets are worth having by living the smart home dream in suburban London.