Popular Educational Classics

A Reader

by Joseph L. DeVitis

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  • 9781433128332
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The last half century has created deep tensions in how we analyze educational and social change. Educators, policymakers, and concerned citizens have had to cope with competing belief systems in evaluating and acting upon school policies and practices. This illuminating book untangles many of the roots of those persistent debates that have divided the nation for so long. It offers readers a critical opportunity to reflect on our continuing ideological struggles by examining popular books that have made a difference in educational discourse.
The editor has specifically selected key books on social and educational controversies that speak to wide audiences. They frame contextual issues that so-called «school reformers» have often neglected – much to the detriment of any real educational progress. Ultimately, this text is meant to stir our consciences, to disorder our certainties, and to compel us to treat education and culture with both reason and passion. It is highly relevant for courses in social foundations of education, school reform, educational policy studies, philosophy of education, history of education, politics of education, curriculum studies, and teacher education.

  • Peter Lang; April 2016
  • ISBN: 9781454192855
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Popular Educational Classics
  • Author: Joseph L. DeVitis (ed.)
  • Imprint: Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
Subject categories
  • 9781433128332
  • 9781454192855

In The Press

«Popular Educational Classics offers readers a treasure trove of five decades of incisive thinking about many of education’s knottiest issues. I love the rich, accessible dialogue that emerges chapter after chapter between authors of enduring and provocative works, and authors who present and comment on them. Everyone who takes education seriously should engage with this volume.»
(Christine E. Sleeter, Professor Emerita, School of Professional Studies, California State University Monterey Bay)
«Organized chronologically, Joseph L. DeVitis’s edited collection takes readers through an engaging and thoughtful fifty-year tour of educational scholarship. For the previously initiated, it represents a path worth revisiting and re-engaging. For the novice, it depicts a rich and still powerful body of scholarly inquiry. We owe DeVitis and his crew our sincere thanks.»
(Daniel P. Liston, Professor, School of Education, University of Colorado, Boulder)

About The Author

Joseph L. DeVitis is a past president of the American Educational Studies Association (AESA), the Council of Learned Societies in Education, and the Society of Professors of Education. Two of his books have received Choice awards from the American Library Association and three have earned AESA Critics’ Choice awards as outstanding books of the year.