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Computer Security: Art and Science

Computer Security (2nd ed.)

Art and Science

Pearson Education (2018)

The Comprehensive Guide to Computer Security, Extensively Revised with Newer Technologies, Methods,...

How to Make Money Marketing Your Business with foursquare
Pearson Education (2010)

Discover foursquare social marketing–and achieve powerful bottom-line results with less than an...

How to Grow Old: A middle-aged man moaning

How to Grow Old

A middle-aged man moaning

Ebury Publishing (2019)

SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Whether he likes it or not, John is getting older. His hair is greying,...

Develop Your Assertiveness
Kogan Page (2013)

Develop Your Assertiveness is an easy to follow guide with a range of self-assessment tools and...

Next Generation Data Centers in Financial Services: Driving Extreme Efficiency and Effective Cost Savings

Next Generation Data Centers in Financial Services

Driving Extreme Efficiency and Effective Cost Savings

Financial markets are witnessing an unprecedented explosion in the availability of data, and the...

Understand Electronics
Elsevier Science (2001)

In Understand Electronics , Owen Bishop covers the basics needed in all the main areas of...

Robot Builder's Cookbook: Build and Design Your Own Robots

Robot Builder's Cookbook

Build and Design Your Own Robots

Elsevier Science (2007)

Owen Bishop introduces, through hands-on project work, the mechanics, electronics and programming...

Mechatronics: An Introduction


An Introduction

CRC Press (2017)

Mechatronics has evolved into a way of life in engineering practice, and it pervades virtually every...

Mechatronic Systems, Sensors, and Actuators: Fundamentals and Modeling

This book covers the key elements of physical systems modeling, sensors and actuators, signals and...

Mechatronic System Control, Logic, and Data Acquisition

The first comprehensive and up-to-date reference on mechatronics, Robert Bishop's The Mechatronics...