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A balanced portrait of the dark byways of Restoration politics.

Hammers Over the Anvil
Allen & Unwin (2012)

A string of vignettes and short stories of life in a Victorian country township, told in the voice...

In Mine Own Heart
Allen & Unwin (2012)

The moving account of Alan Marshall's attempts to establish himself as a writer during the...

How Beautiful Are Thy Feet
Allen & Unwin (2012)

A compassionate story of workers in a shoe factory during the Depression

The Complete Stories of Alan Marshall
Allen & Unwin (2012)

Sad stories, funny stories, warm stories, tragic stories - this collection is the very essence of...

This is the Grass
Allen & Unwin (2012)

The sequel to Alan Marshall's I Can Jump Puddles.

Susie Cooper
Bloomsbury Publishing (2013)

During her sixty-five-year career, Susie Cooper introduced more than 4,500 ceramic patterns and...

The Unity of Nature: Wholeness and Disintegration in Ecology and Science

The Unity of Nature

Wholeness and Disintegration in Ecology and Science

World Scientific Publishing Company (2002)

The idea behind The Unity of Nature is a strong theoretical theme in a number of scientific and...

Strange Death of Edmund Godfrey
The History Press (1999)

On the evening of 17 October 1678 the body of Sir Edmund Berry Godrey, a Westminster Justice of the...

In Mine Own Heart
Allen & Unwin (2012)

In the third book of Alan Marshall's three-part autobiography, his own struggle to assert himself...