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Biological Determinants of Reinforcement: Biological Determinates of Reinforcement

Biological Determinants of Reinforcement

Biological Determinates of Reinforcement

Taylor and Francis (2014)

This seventh volume, divided into four parts, addresses the biological determinates of reinforcement...

Designing and Using Organizational Surveys
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Organizational surveys are widely recognized as a powerful tool for measuring and improving employee...

Handbook of Strategic 360 Feedback
Oxford University Press (2019)

The definitive work on strategic 360 feedback, this volume presents viewpoints from researchers,...

The High Potential's Advantage: Get Noticed, Impress Your Bosses, and Become a Top Leader

The High Potential's Advantage

Get Noticed, Impress Your Bosses, and Become a Top Leader

Harvard Business Review Press (2017)

Do You Know What It Takes to Be a High Potential in Your Organization? Being seen as a...

Enacting Values-Based Change: Organization Development in Action

Enacting Values-Based Change

Organization Development in Action

Springer International Publishing (2017)

This edited volume highlights the use and practice of values in Organization Development (OD). It...