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The STEREO Mission
Springer New York (2008)

The STEREO mission promises to uncover many mysteries surrounding how the Sun produces space...

New Horizons: Reconnaissance of the Pluto-Charon System and the Kuiper Belt

New Horizons

Reconnaissance of the Pluto-Charon System and the Kuiper Belt

Springer New York (2009)

The New Horizons space mission is the first to reconnoiter the Pluto-Charon System and the Kuiper...

The Mars Plasma Environment
Springer New York (2010)

Mars sits very exposed to the solar wind. Ironically Mars possesses the strongest remanent...

Deep Impact Mission: Looking Beneath the Surface of a Cometary Nucleus
Springer Netherlands (2006)

Deep Impact, or at least part of the flight system, is designed to crash into comet 9P/Tempel 1....

The Galileo Mission
Springer Netherlands (2012)

The articles in this volume are a document of the Galileo mission to Jupiter. The Mission Overview...

The Cassini-Huygens Mission: Orbiter In Situ Investigations Volume 2

The Cassini-Huygens Mission

Orbiter In Situ Investigations Volume 2

Springer Netherlands (2013)

The joint NASA-ESA Cassini-Huygens mission promises to return four (and possibly more) years of...

The Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer Mission (LADEE)
Springer International Publishing (2015)

This volume contains five articles describing the mission and its instruments.  The first paper, by...

The MESSENGER Mission to Mercury
Springer New York (2007)

NASA’s MESSENGER mission, launched on 3 August, 2004 is the seventh mission in the Discovery series....

The Cluster and Phoenix Missions
Springer Netherlands (2012)

Cluster was one of the two missions - the other being the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)...

Space Physics: An Introduction

Space Physics

An Introduction

C. T. Russell, J. G. Luhmann and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2016)

This textbook provides advanced undergraduates and graduates with up-to-date coverage of space...