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Community Health Care
Macmillan Education UK (1996)

The material in this module provides learners with a comprehensive introduction to community health...

Code Switching: How to Talk So Men Will Listen

Code Switching

How to Talk So Men Will Listen

DK Publishing (2009)

Mars and Venus head to work... Day-to-day, face-to-face workplace communication between men and...

Keep Watch with Me: An Advent Reader for Peacemakers

Keep Watch with Me

An Advent Reader for Peacemakers

Abingdon Press (2019)

Become a peacemaker this Advent and experience the hope of new life!

Cambridge International AS and A Level Marine Science Digital Edition
Cambridge University Press (2017)

Resources tailored to the Cambridge International AS & A Level Marine Science syllabus (9693), for...

Student Motivation, Cognition, and Learning: Essays in Honor of Wilbert J. Mckeachie

Student Motivation, Cognition, and Learning

Essays in Honor of Wilbert J. Mckeachie

Taylor and Francis (2012)

Designed to present some of the current research on student motivation, cognition, and learning,...

Sex and Sexuality in Modern Southern Culture
LSU Press (2017)

In the American imagination, the South is a place both sexually open and closed, outwardly chaste...

Guys Read: Terrifying Tales
HarperCollins (2015)

Be afraid, be very afraid of Terrifying Tales , the sixth volume in the Guys Read Library of Great...

Understanding Care Homes: A Research and Development Perspective

Understanding Care Homes

A Research and Development Perspective

Jan Dewing, Garuth Chalfont and 16 more...
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2008)

This book draws together a range of research and development initiatives that emphasise the...

Opening the Field of Practical Theology: An Introduction
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2014)

This book introduces the field of practical theology through an examination of fifteen different...

Aspects of Playwork: Play and Culture Studies

Aspects of Playwork (14th ed.)

Play and Culture Studies

Fraser Brown, Bob Hughes and 21 more...
Hamilton Books (2018)

Aspects of Playwork reflects the diversity of interpretations of what playwork is, from the...