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Urban Design in the Real Estate Development Process
Wiley (2011)

Urban design enables better places to be created for people and is thus seen in Urban Design in the...

Effective Learning in the Life Sciences: How Students Can Achieve Their Full Potential

Effective Learning in the Life Sciences

How Students Can Achieve Their Full Potential

Wiley (2011)

Effective Learning in the Life Sciences is intended to help ensure that each student achieves his...

Testing Adhesive Joints: Best Practices
Wiley (2012)

Joining techniques such as welding, brazing, riveting and screwing are used by industry all over the...

Parent and Family Engagement in Higher Education: AEHE Volume 41, Number 6

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the role that parents and families play in college students’...

Pancreatitis: Medical and Surgical Management


Medical and Surgical Management

Wiley (2017)

Pancreatitis: medical and surgical management provides gastroenterologists and GI surgeons, both...

McGraw-Hill Specialty Board Review Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
McGraw-Hill Education (2015)

The ONLY review book for the Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine board exam This comprehensive review for...

Shaping Places: Urban Planning, Design and Development

Shaping Places

Urban Planning, Design and Development

Taylor and Francis (2012)

Shaping Places explains how towns and cities can turn real estate development to their advantage to...

Print and Power in France and England, 1500-1800
Taylor and Francis (2016)

What was the relationship between power and the public sphere in early modern society? How did the...

Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Enlightenment Cosmopolitanism brings together ten innovative contributions by outstanding scholars...

The Everyday Experiences of Reconstruction and Regeneration: From Vision to Reality in Birmingham and Coventry
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Set within a wider British and international context of post-war reconstruction, The Everyday...