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Ancient Greece: Social Structure and Evolution

Ancient Greece

Social Structure and Evolution

Cambridge University Press (2019)

This book applies anthropological concepts of social structure and evolutionary theory to Ancient...

The Archaeology of Israel: Constructing the Past, Interpreting the Present

The Archaeology of Israel

Constructing the Past, Interpreting the Present

Bloomsbury Publishing (1997)

This challenging volume offers a timely and extensive overview of the current state of archaeology...

The Evolution of Social Institutions: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Springer International Publishing (2020)

This book presents a novel and innovative approach to the study of social evolution using case...

Urbanism in the Preindustrial World: Cross-Cultural Approaches

Urbanism in the Preindustrial World

Cross-Cultural Approaches

Glenn Storey, Rebecca Storey and 21 more...
University of Alabama Press (2009)

A baseline study of the growth of preindustrial cities worldwide. This work employs a subset of...