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Ship Handling
Taylor and Francis (2007)

Suitable as a training manual and a day-to-day reference, Shiphandling is the comprehensive and up...

Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques
Taylor and Francis (2007)

The Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques is the latest work from the well-respected marine...

Marine Emergencies: For Masters and Mates

Marine Emergencies

For Masters and Mates

Taylor and Francis (2014)

An influential guide to maritime emergencies and the current strategies that can be employed to cope...

Cargo Work: For Maritime Operations

Cargo Work (8th ed.)

For Maritime Operations

Taylor and Francis (2015)

An essential reference for merchant seamen around the world, Cargo Work provides a guide to the...

Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance: A Guide for Industry

Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance (2nd ed.)

A Guide for Industry

Taylor and Francis (2015)

This book covers every aspect of the dry docking of sea going vessels. It provides a guide to...

The Seamanship Examiner: For STCW Certification Examinations

The Seamanship Examiner (2nd ed.)

For STCW Certification Examinations

Taylor and Francis (2016)

The complete study and revision guide for the International Standards of Training, Certification and...

Jurassic World Special Edition Junior Novelization (Jurassic World)
Random House Children's Books (2015)

Jurassic World  is the long-awaited next installment of the groundbreaking Jurassic Park series. T....

Trolls Holiday The Deluxe Junior Novelization (DreamWorks Trolls)
Random House Children's Books (2017)

When the eternally optimistic Poppy, queen of the Trolls, learns that the Bergens no longer have any...

Poppy and the Mane Mania (DreamWorks Trolls Chapter Book #1)
Random House Children's Books (2017)

Poppy and her friends get bold new hair-dos in the first installment in the all-new chapter book...

Branch and the Cooking Catastrophe (DreamWorks Trolls Chapter Book #2)
Random House Children's Books (2017)

Join Branch and King Gristle as they plan a super fabulous celebration in the second installment in...