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Cytochrome P450
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013)

In this book the editors have brought together the widest group of investigators of the cytochrome...

Plasmonics: From Basics to Advanced Topics


From Basics to Advanced Topics

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2012)

This book deals with all aspects of plasmonics, basics, applications and advanced developments....

Enhancing Employee Engagement: An Evidence-Based Approach

Enhancing Employee Engagement

An Evidence-Based Approach

Springer International Publishing (2017)

This book provides an evidence-based approach to understanding declining levels of employee...

Project Portfolio Management: A Model for Improved Decision-Making

Project Portfolio Management

A Model for Improved Decision-Making

Business Expert Press (2015)

Project portfolio management (PfM) is a critically important discipline, which organizations must ...

Project Portfolio Management, Second Edition: A Model for Improved Decision Making

Project Portfolio Management, Second Edition (2nd ed.)

A Model for Improved Decision Making

Business Expert Press (2019)

The focus of this book is aimed at providing a mechanism to determine the individual and cumulative...

I Loved You First
NYLA (2020)

Escape with three warm-hearted romantic comedy novellas about women’s second chance at first love...

Currency Press (1998)

Stolen tells the painful, poignant story of five Aboriginal children forcibly removed from their...

Topics in Kwa Syntax
Springer Netherlands (2009)

This book grew out of a concern we have had that very many theoretical and descriptive work on the...

Complex Processes in New Languages
John Benjamins Publishing Company (2009)

This paper addresses the issue of complexity in language creation and the time it takes for...

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory: Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2007

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory

Selected papers from ‘Going Romance’ Amsterdam 2007

John Benjamins Publishing Company (2009)

In this paper I investigate the nature of preverbal objects in child English and Catalan. OV...