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Key Concepts in Education
SAGE Publications (2008)

A concise quick reference source for students who need to know all the essentials in one easy flick...

Life among the Anthros and Other Essays
Princeton University Press (2012)

Clifford Geertz (1926-2006) was perhaps the most influential anthropologist of our time, but his...

Richard Hoggart: Virtue and Reward

Richard Hoggart

Virtue and Reward

Wiley (2013)

Richard Hoggart has been, perhaps, the best-known, and certainly the most affectionately...

Raymond Williams
Taylor and Francis (1998)

In his life, Raymond Williams played many parts: child of the Black Mountains, inspirational adult...

The Delicious History of the Holiday
Taylor and Francis (2000)

Our holidays lie near the heart of our emotional life, enjoyed for a fortnight, fed on imagination...

A Short History of Celebrity
Princeton University Press (2010)

Love it or hate it, celebrity is one of the dominant features of modern life--and one of the least...

History Man: The Life of R. G. Collingwood

History Man

The Life of R. G. Collingwood

Princeton University Press (2009)

This is the first biography of the last and greatest British idealist philosopher, R. G. Collingwood...