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War and Peace in Africa’s Great Lakes Region
Springer International Publishing (2017)

The book probes major security and governance trends in Africa’s Great Lakes region since the 1990s....

Conflict Management and African Politics: Ripeness, Bargaining, and Mediation

This edited volume builds on a core set of concepts developed by I. William Zartman to offer new...

New South African Review 4: A Fragile Democracy - Twenty Years On

New South African Review 4

A Fragile Democracy - Twenty Years On

Wits University Press (2014)

The death of Nelson Mandela on 5 December 2013 was in a sense a wake-up call for South Africans, and...

New South African Review 5: Beyond Marikana
Wits University Press (2015)

This fifth volume in the New South African Review series takes as its starting point the shock wave...

New South African Review 6: The Crisis Of Inequality

New South African Review 6

The Crisis Of Inequality

Wits University Press (2018)

Despite the transition from apartheid to democracy, South Africa is the most unequal country in the...

Military Intervention: Cases in Context for the Twenty-First Century

Military Intervention

Cases in Context for the Twenty-First Century

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2004)

Internal conflict continues to be the most common form of organized violence, most often occurring...