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Decoding Boundaries in Contemporary Japan: The Koizumi Administration and Beyond

Decoding Boundaries in Contemporary Japan

The Koizumi Administration and Beyond

This book sheds light on the changing nature of contemporary Japan by decoding a range of political,...

Militarisation and Demilitarisation in Contemporary Japan
Taylor and Francis (1995)

The intertwined issues of Japanese `identity' and `normality' are at the centre of the tension...

Contested Governance in Japan: Sites and Issues

Contested Governance in Japan extends the analysis of governance in contemporary Japan by exploring...

Excavating the Power of Memory in Japan
Taylor and Francis (2018)

Excavating the power of memory offers a succinct examination of how memory is constructed, embedded...

Japan's Contested Constitution: Documents and Analysis

Japan's Contested Constitution is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Japanese...

Japanese Business Management: Restructuring for Low Growth and Globalisation

Japanese Business Management

Restructuring for Low Growth and Globalisation

In this study the views of Japan's leading experts on the globalization of Japanese business,...

Japan and Britain in the Contemporary World: Responses to Common Issues

Britian and Japan in the Contemporary World provides up-to-date analyses of these two countries in...

The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation

The Political Economy of Japanese Globalisation reveals the key dimensions of Japanese...

Global Governance and Japan: The Institutional Architecture

Global Governance and Japan

The Institutional Architecture

Leading specialists from Europe and Japan examine the institutional mechanisms of governance at the...

The Internationalization of Japan

The Internationalization of Japan provides the English-speaking reader with the opportunity to hear...