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Brazil since 1980
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This is a general survey of Brazilian society, economy, and politics since 1980.

Mexico since 1980
Cambridge University Press (2008)

This book addresses two questions that are crucial to understanding Mexico's current economic and...

The Atlantic Slave Trade
Cambridge University Press (2010)

The Atlantic Slave Trade examines the four hundred years of Atlantic slave trade.

A Population History of the United States
Cambridge University Press (2004)

The first full scale survey of the demographic history of America in one volume.

A Concise History of Bolivia
Cambridge University Press (2011)

This new edition brings the history of Bolivian society up to the present day.

African Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean
Oxford University Press (1990)

An examination of slavery that covers the Spanish, Portuguese and French regions of Latin America...

Slavery in Brazil
Cambridge University Press (2009)

This is the first complete modern survey of the institution of slavery in Brazil and how it affected...

The Economic and Social History of Brazil since 1889
Cambridge University Press (2014)

This is the first complete economic and social history of Brazil in the modern period in any...

An Economic and Demographic History of São Paulo, 1850-1950
Stanford University Press (2018)

This comprehensive history of the population and economy of the state of São Paulo in its century of...

Hispanics in the United States: A Demographic, Social, and Economic History, 1980–2005

Hispanics in the United States

A Demographic, Social, and Economic History, 1980–2005

Cambridge University Press (2010)

This book examines the transformations in the demographic, social, and economic structures of...