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The Norman Conquest: England after William the Conqueror

The Norman Conquest

England after William the Conqueror

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2007)

Exploring the successful Norman invasion of England in 1066, this concise and readable book focuses...

The Secular Clergy in England, 1066-1216
OUP Oxford (2014)

Explores the role of the secular clergy - priests and other clerics outside of monastic orders - in...

One Hundred Years of Russell´s Paradox: Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy

One Hundred Years of Russell´s Paradox

Mathematics, Logic, Philosophy

Godehard Link, John L. Bell and 32 more...
De Gruyter (2008)

The series is devoted to the publication of high-level monographs on all areas of mathematical logic...

Air Pollution and Health
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)

This volume will be of interest to the general public as well as being an important reference source...

Ending Poverty in America: How to Restore the American Dream

Ending Poverty in America

How to Restore the American Dream

John Edwards, Marion Crain and 29 more...
The New Press (2009)

An “ engrossing collection of rigorously researched articles” from Elizabeth Warren, Jared...

Environmental Impact of Power Generation
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)

The wide-ranging subjects addressed in this book will contribute to the public understanding of...

Cerebral Plasticity: New Perspectives

Cerebral Plasticity

New Perspectives

The MIT Press (2011)

A survey of the latest research, covering such topics as plasticity in the adult brain and the...

Robotics: Science and Systems VII


Science and Systems VII

Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Nicholas Roy and 116 more...
The MIT Press (2012)

Papers from a flagship conference reflect the latest developments in the field, including work in...

Robotics: Science and Systems VI


Science and Systems VI

The MIT Press (2011)

Papers from a flagship robotics conference that cover topics ranging from kinematics to human-robot...