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The Complete Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe
Penguin Publishing Group (2008)

Explore the transcendent world of unity and ultimate beauty in Edgar Allan Poe’s verse in this...

Shadow of Empire: Far Stars Book One

Shadow of Empire

Far Stars Book One

HarperCollins (2015)

The first installment in the Far Star series, a swashbuckling space saga that introduces the daring...

Funeral Games: Far Stars Book Three

Funeral Games

Far Stars Book Three

HarperCollins (2016)

The battle for the unification and rule of the Far Stars Confederation will be decided in this...

West Virginia Politics and Government
University of Nebraska Press (2009)

West Virginia Politics and Government offers the only recent study of politics in the Mountain...

Enemy in the Dark: Far Stars Book Two

Enemy in the Dark

Far Stars Book Two

HarperCollins (2015)

The second book in the Far Star series follows Blackhawk and the crew of the Wolf’s Claw as they...

Peripheral Neurology: Case Studies

Peripheral Neurology (3rd ed.)

Case Studies

Oxford University Press (2000)

Peripheral Neurology was the first book to innovatively utilize case presentations as a vehicle to...

Onward, Voyager: A Science Fiction and Fantasy Sampler

Onward, Voyager

A Science Fiction and Fantasy Sampler

Chuck Wendig, Mitchell Hogan and 16 more...
HarperCollins (2015)

Read samples of Harper Voyager's great science fiction, fantasy, and horror offerings! Featuring an...

Flames of Rebellion
HarperCollins (2017)

In Flames of Rebellion , a group of rebels fighting for independence sows the seeds of revolution...

Rebellion's Fury
HarperCollins (2018)

The battle for freedom begun in Flames of Rebellion continues in this action-packed military...

The Emperor's Fist: A Blackhawk Novel

The Emperor's Fist

A Blackhawk Novel

HarperCollins (2019)

In this thrilling new installment in the Far Stars saga, a reluctant hero with a bloody past must...