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Nerva and the Roman Succession Crisis of AD 96-99
Taylor and Francis (2002)

The imperial succession at Rome was notoriously uncertain, and where possible hereditary succession...

Traditional Enemies: Britain's War With Vichy France 1940-42

Traditional Enemies

Britain's War With Vichy France 1940-42

Pen and Sword (2013)

After the surrender of the French government in May 1940, the British were concerned that the...

Seleukos Nikator (Routledge Revivals): Constructing a Hellenistic Kingdom

Seleukos Nikator (Routledge Revivals)

Constructing a Hellenistic Kingdom

Taylor and Francis (2014)

Following the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, one of his commanders, Seleukos Nikator, rose...

Great Power Diplomacy in the Hellenistic World
Taylor and Francis (2016)

Diplomacy is a neglected aspect of Hellenistic history, despite the fact that war and peace were the...

Syrian Influences in the Roman Empire to AD 300
Taylor and Francis (2017)

The study of Syria as a Roman province has been neglected by comparison with equivalent geographical...

Egypt and Judaea
Pen and Sword (2013)

Egypt was the last of the Macedonian Successor states to be swallowed up by Roman expansion. The...

Rome, Parthia and India: The Violent Emergence of a New World Order 150-140 BC

Rome, Parthia and India

The Violent Emergence of a New World Order 150-140 BC

Pen and Sword (2013)

Between 152 and 138 BC a series of wars from Africa to India produced a radically new geopolitical...

The Rise of the Seleukid Empire (323-223 BC): Seleukos I to Seleukos III
Pen and Sword (2014)

The Seleukid kingdom was the largest state in the world for a century and more between...

The Seleukid Empire of Antiochus III: 223-187 BC
Pen and Sword (2015)

The second volume in John Grainger's history of the Seleukid Empire is devoted to the reign of...

The Fall of the Seleukid Empire 187-75 BC
Pen and Sword (2015)

The concluding part of John D Grainger's history of the Seleukids traces the tumultuous last...