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Black Like Me: The Definitive Griffin Estate Edition

Black Like Me (2nd ed.)

The Definitive Griffin Estate Edition

Wings Press (2006)

This American classic has been corrected from the original manuscripts and indexed, featuring...

Available Light: Exile in Mexico
Wings Press (2008)

Culled from previously unpublished material, this collection of writing and photography by John...

Street of the Seven Angels
Wings Press (2003)

A social satire set in Paris, this previously unpublished novel is based in part on the U.S. Supreme...

Wings Press (2010)

After John Howard Griffin's escape from Nazi-occupied France, he was shipped to the South Pacific,...

The Devil Rides Outside
Wings Press (2010)

No less a critic than Clifton Fadiman called The Devil Rides Outside a "staggering novel." The...

Follow the Ecstasy: The Hermitage Years of Thomas Merton

Follow the Ecstasy

The Hermitage Years of Thomas Merton

Wings Press (2010)

In 1969, one year after Thomas Merton's tragic (and suspicious) death, John Howard Griffin was...

Scattered Shadows: A Memoir of Blindness and Vision

Scattered Shadows

A Memoir of Blindness and Vision

Wings Press (2004)

This never before published memoir by the author of Black Like Me is an extraordinary chronicle of...

Prison of Culture: Beyond Black Like Me

Prison of Culture

Beyond Black Like Me

Wings Press (2011)

The companion volume to the 50th-anniversary edition of Black Like Me , this book features John...