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Worlds in Transition: Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet

Worlds in Transition

Evolving Governance Across a Stressed Planet

Edward Elgar Publishing (2009)

We are living through a unique moment of transition, marked by a frenetic cycle of invention,...

Culture, Religion and Conflict in Muslim Southeast Asia: Negotiating Tense Pluralisms
Taylor and Francis (2012)

By examining the sometimes surprising and unexpected roles that culture and religion have played in...

Democratizing Global Governance
Palgrave Macmillan (2002)

Is globalization beyond human control? In this thought-provoking text, the myths and mantras of this...

Why Human Security Matters: Rethinking Australian foreign policy

Why Human Security Matters

Rethinking Australian foreign policy

Allen & Unwin (2012)

Threats to Australian security today are more likely to come from climate change or international...

Religion and Ethics in a Globalizing World: Conflict, Dialogue, and Transformation

Religion and Ethics in a Globalizing World

Conflict, Dialogue, and Transformation

Palgrave Macmillan (2011)

Around the world religion is an increasingly vital and pervasive force in both personal and public...