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Quiet, Please
Start Classics (2013)

Groverzb knew what he wanted--peace and quiet. He was willing to scream his head off for it!

How Smart Machines Think
The MIT Press (2018)

Everything you've always wanted to know about self-driving cars, Netflix recommendations, IBM's...

Frederik Sandwich and the Earthquake that Couldn't Possibly Be
Sourcebooks (2018)

A delightfully strange and hilarious debut novel perfect for Lemony Snicket and Trenton Lee Stewart...

Marvel Comics' Civil War and the Age of Terror: Critical Essays on the Comic Saga
McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers (2015)

Marvel Comics has an established tradition of addressing relevant real-life issues facing the...

Introducing Wagner: A Graphic Guide
Icon Books Ltd (2015)

A fascinating graphic novel-style introduction to the classical composer everyone has heard of - and...

Off the Charts!: A Novel
iUniverse (2010)

When twenty-one-year-old Greg Bounder, a brash, wealthy college student, meets his one-time singing...

Tales from Kensington Forest
Guardian Angel Publishing (2014)

The first three of a new Wings of Faith series portraying life in the forest with Pastor Pete the...

Pearl of Wisdom
Guardian Angel Publishing (2014)

The second five "Journeys of HOPE"-Fables of the Angelfish E-book Series, a heavenly little fish...

Natalie’s Ark
Guardian Angel Publishing (2014)

A dam above a small town threatens to burst and Natalie finds herself adrift in a rickety boat...

Life on the Line: How to lose a million and so much more

Life on the Line

How to lose a million and so much more

Black & White Publishing (2012)

Kevin Twaddle was a footballer who was always prepared to take a risk on the park but it was off it...