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Laurell K. Hamilton<br>

The doyenne of urban fantasy

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 ?? Laurell K. Hamilton<br>

Paranormal Fantasy writer Laurell K. Hamilton has had continuous success with her two series, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and Meredith Gentry: Fairy Princess, Private Eye, selling over 6 million copies of the 26 Anita Blake novels so far, with many becoming New York Times Best Sellers.

Her work is hugely influential in the development of the urban fantasy genre. The Anita Blake series about a vampire executioner turned US marshal, has developed greatly over time with earlier novels following a crime mystery structure, with later ones focussing more on the erotic aspects of Anita's personal relationships. The Anita Blake series has also been well received as graphic novels.

Laurell Kaye Hamilton was born in Heber Springs, Arkansas, but grew up in Sims, Indiana. She has degrees in English and biology from Marion College (Indiana Wesleyan University), is a full-time writer and lives in St. Louis County, Missouri with her daughter and husband.

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