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Melting and Freezing: Matter
Shell Education (2010)

Ice cream is a solid. But when it melts, it becomes a liquid. Solids can change to liquids and back...

How Toys Work: Forces and Motion

How Toys Work

Forces and Motion

Teacher Created Materials (2009)

Students won’t have to disassemble their favorite toys to discover what makes them work. This...

Johnny Appleseed

A true nature lover, John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed, sets out to explore the western frontier...

Farm Animals
Shell Education (2012)

This reader is designed to teach students how to sort and classify. Students view a group of farm...

How Amusement Parks Work: Forces and Motion
Teacher Created Materials (2009)

This reader will be a hit with both thrill seekers and with those who prefer to stay safely on the...

The Wonder of Our Solar System: Earth and Space Science
Shell Education (2007)

People once believed that Earth was the center of the solar system. Scientists finally learned that...

Brain: The Human Body


The Human Body

Hooray for your brain! Without it, you could not read these words right now! But where is your brain...

Lungs: The Human Body


The Human Body

Breathe in . . . breathe out. Do you ever wonder how you can do that? And do you ever wonder what...


Vishnu is one of the great and powerful Hindu gods. He is a protector who, whenever the world is in...

Climbing and Diving: Forces and Motion
Teacher Created Materials (2009)

Students may never expect that they might free fall to Earth, but if they have ever dived into a...