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Democracy Derailed in Russia: The Failure of Open Politics

Democracy Derailed in Russia

The Failure of Open Politics

Cambridge University Press (2005)

Democracy has not worked in Russia; Democracy Derailed in Russia explains why.

Are Muslims Distinctive?: A Look at the Evidence

Are Muslims Distinctive?

A Look at the Evidence

Oxford University Press (2011)

Are Muslims Distinctive? represents the first major scientific effort to assess how Muslims and...

Democracy from Scratch: Opposition and Regime in the New Russian Revolution

Democracy from Scratch

Opposition and Regime in the New Russian Revolution

Princeton University Press (1996)

This book presents a fresh view of Russian political change in the Gorbachev and early post-Soviet...

The Handbook of National Legislatures: A Global Survey
Cambridge University Press (2009)

This book provides comprehensive survey-based data regarding the powers of national legislatures...

A Quarter Century of Post-Communism Assessed
Springer International Publishing (2017)

This edited volume seeks to understand and explain the pattern of varying national and regional...

Sustainable Farmland Management: Transdisciplinary Approaches

Sustainable Farmland Management

Transdisciplinary Approaches

R. Fish, S. Seymour and 1 more...
CABI (2008)

Examining the relationship between sustainability and farmland management in differing temporal,...

Manejo de las crisis en anestesia
Elsevier Health Sciences (2015)

La largamente esperada revisión de esta obra dedicada al manejo de las crisis en anestesia ofrece...

Crisis Management in Anesthesiology E-Book
Elsevier Health Sciences (2014)

The fully updated Crisis Management in Anesthesiology continues to provide updated insights on...