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Assessment for Reading Instruction, Third Edition
Guilford Publications (2015)

This trusted teacher guide and widely adopted text provides a comprehensive conceptual framework and...

How to Plan Differentiated Reading Instruction, Second Edition: Resources for Grades K-3
Guilford Publications (2017)

Tens of thousands of K–3 teachers have relied on this book--now revised and expanded with more than...

Differentiated Reading Instruction in Grades 4 and 5: Strategies and Resources
Guilford Publications (2011)

With a unique focus on grades 4 and 5, this book explains how to design and implement a...

The Literacy Coach's Handbook, Second Edition: A Guide to Research-Based Practice
Guilford Publications (2012)

This bestselling book gives preservice and practicing literacy coaches the tools they need to build...

Integrating Multiple Literacies in K-8 Classrooms: Cases, Commentaries, and Practical Applications
Taylor and Francis (2003)

This text gives prospective and practicing teachers a comprehensive understanding of how to teach...

Handbook of Literacy and Technology: Transformations in A Post-typographic World

Handbook of Literacy and Technology

Transformations in A Post-typographic World

Taylor and Francis (1998)

The major shift going on today in the technologies of reading and writing raises important questions...

International Handbook of Literacy and Technology: Volume II
Taylor and Francis (2013)

This Handbook provides a comprehensive and international representation of state-of-the art...

World Literacy: How Countries Rank and Why It Matters

World Literacy

How Countries Rank and Why It Matters

Taylor and Francis (2016)

International literacy assessments have provided ample data for ranking nations, charting growth,...

Differentiated Literacy Instruction: Assessing, Grouping, Teaching

Differentiated Literacy Instruction

Assessing, Grouping, Teaching

Taylor and Francis (2017)

The goal of this book is to answer the question What is differentiated instruction ? It offers...

Cracking the Common Core: Choosing and Using Texts in Grades 6-12

Cracking the Common Core

Choosing and Using Texts in Grades 6-12

Guilford Publications (2013)

This book guides teachers in grades 6-12 to strategically combine a variety of texts--including...