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The Swedish Imperial Experience 1560–1718
Cambridge University Press (1984)

In his Wiles Lectures for 1977 Professor Roberts examines some of the problems raised by Sweden's...

The Age of Liberty: Sweden 1719–1772

The Age of Liberty

Sweden 1719–1772

Cambridge University Press (2003)

An analysis of the period when Sweden was 'the freest country in the world'.

Fashion Victims: The Catty Catalogue of Stylish Casualties, From A to Z

Fashion Victims

The Catty Catalogue of Stylish Casualties, From A to Z

HarperCollins (2011)

Pairing hilarious poetry with the stunning collage work for which he is famous, Michael Roberts...

From Oxenstierna to Charles XII: Four Studies
Cambridge University Press (2003)

Essays, by the doyen of historians of Sweden, on Oxenstierna, Charles X and Charles XII.

Caste Conflict Elite Formation
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Caste Conflict and Elite Formation is a study in the social history of Sri Lanka.

Gustavas Adolphus
Taylor and Francis (2014)

Gustavus Adolphus (1594--1632) dominated his age: he made Sweden the leading power of Northern...

The Whig Party, 1807 - 1812
Taylor and Francis (2019)

Published in 1965: This book is about the  Period in which the Whig Party was in power between 1807...

British Diplomacy and Swedish Politics, 1758-1773
University of Minnesota Press (1980)

This book has three objectives; to shed light on the central issue in British foreign policy during...

Evangelicals and Science
Greenwood Publishing Group (2008)

Portrays the relationship between evangelical Christians and science.