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Environmental Engineer's Mathematics Handbook
CRC Press (2004)

Advanced mathematics used in engineering is studied here in this text which examines the...

The Handbook of Safety Engineering: Principles and Applications
Government Institutes (2009)

This new text provides instruction in basic engineering principles, the sciences, cyber operations,...

Environmental Management of Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)
CRC Press (2007)

Clean and environmentally sound disposal of animal waste in the quantities that Concentrated Animal...

Handbook of Mathematics and Statistics for the Environment
CRC Press (2013)

A thorough revision of the previous "Environmental Engineer’s Mathematics Handbook," this book...

Machine Guarding Handbook: A Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance and Injury Prevention

Machine Guarding Handbook

A Practical Guide to OSHA Compliance and Injury Prevention

Government Institutes (1999)

This 106-page book explores and discusses the hazards of unguarded machines, common safeguarding...

Safety Engineering: Principles and Practices

Safety Engineering (2nd ed.)

Principles and Practices

Government Institutes (2004)

The new Safety Engineering provides an overview of the fundamentals with expanded coverage of...