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Discovering the Human Connectome
The MIT Press (2012)

A pioneer in the field outlines new empirical and computational approaches to mapping the neural...

Networks of the Brain
The MIT Press (2010)

An integrative overview of network approaches to neuroscience explores the origins of brain...

Selectionism and the Brain
Elsevier Science (1994)

Selectionism and the Brain addresses a number of important theoretical issues in light of recent...

Creating Brain-Like Intelligence: From Basic Principles to Complex Intelligent Systems

Creating Brain-Like Intelligence

From Basic Principles to Complex Intelligent Systems

Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)

This volume features contributions based on the presentations given at the International Symposium...

The Cognitive Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2014)

The fifth edition of a work that defines the field of cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new...

The New Visual Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2013)

A comprehensive review of contemporary research in the vision sciences, reflecting the rapid...