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Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?
Currency Press (2014)

Five plays are intertwined in one in this story of fringe dwellers living in an age of social,...

The Call
Currency Press (2009)

Funny, disturbing and bittersweet, The Call is an enthralling drama about a young man looking to...

Boy Overboard: the play
Currency Press (2007)

Jamal and Bibi have a dream. To lead Australia to soccer glory in the next World Cup. But first they...

Do Not Go Gentle...
Currency Press (2014)

In this wondrous play, Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition is a metaphor for the elusive...

Currency Press (2017)

Patricia Cornelius’ SHIT is rife with ugliness. Billy, Bobby and Sam speak with the voices of...

The Berry Man
Currency Press (2014)

The Berry Man is a searing indictment of the consequences of war, with the humour and fragile,...

Lovely Lovely Sometimes Ugly: Four Plays
Currency Press (2019)

In Lovely Lovely Sometimes Ugly , a collection of four plays by one of Australia’s most...

Landscapes of Origin in the Americas: Creation Narratives Linking Ancient Places and Present Communities

Landscapes of Origin in the Americas

Creation Narratives Linking Ancient Places and Present Communities

University of Alabama Press (2009)

Landscape is a powerful factor in the operation of memory because of the associations narrators make...