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Public Policy in Action: Perspectives on the Policy Process

Public Policy in Action

Perspectives on the Policy Process

Victor Bekkers, Menno Fenger and 1 more...
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

This comprehensive textbook explores the policy process from a multitude of perspectives, including...

Doing Criminological Research
SAGE Publications (2010)

This new edition of a bestselling textbook forms a comprehensive introduction to the process of...

Managing without Growth: Slower by Design, not Disaster

Managing without Growth (2nd ed.)

Slower by Design, not Disaster

Edward Elgar Publishing (2019)

Ten years after the publication of the first edition of this influential book, the evidence is even...

Handbook on Growth and Sustainability
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

This Handbook assembles original contributions from influential authors such as Herman Daly, Paul...

The Economics of Sports
Taylor and Francis (2018)

The sports industry provides a seemingly endless set of examples from every area of microeconomics,...

Out of the Blue
Penguin Publishing Group (2012)

“It may seem like I came out of the blue. But, my road was long, windy, full of hurdles, and even...

The Politically Correct University: Problems, Scope, and Reforms

The Politically Correct University

Problems, Scope, and Reforms

Robert Maranto, Fredrick Hess and 22 more...
AEI Press (2009)

The Politically Correct University shows how the universities' quest for 'diversity' has produced...

Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 30th Edition
McGraw-Hill Education (2015)

Gain a thorough understanding of the principles ofbiochemistry as they relate to the study of...

1968 and Global Cinema
Wayne State University Press (2018)

Examines the political cinema of 1968 in relation to global events.

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry Thirty-First Edition
McGraw-Hill Education (2018)

Gain a full understanding of the principles of biochemistry as it relates to clinical medicine A...