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The Romans And Their Gods
Random House (2011)

To undestand the success of the Romans you must understand their piety. Dionysius of Halicarnassus....

The Early History of Rome
Penguin Books Ltd (2005)

Livy (c. 59 BC-AD 17) dedicated most of his life to writing some 142 volumes of history, the first...

Rome and Italy: The History of Rome from its Foundation

Rome and Italy

The History of Rome from its Foundation

R.M. Ogilvie, Livy and 1 more...
Penguin Books Ltd (2004)

Books VI-X of Livy's monumental work trace Rome's fortunes from its near collapse after defeat by...

Waste Treatment and Disposal
Royal Society of Chemistry (2007)

This book examines the environmental impact of sewage and industrial effluent treatment on inland...