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On Religious Diversity
Oxford University Press (2011)

Robert McKim's goal in On Religious Diversity is to distinguish and examine a number of possible...

Religious Diversity and Religious Progress
Cambridge University Press (2019)

Engages with a range of questions on religious diversity and how far humans have come in their...

Laudato Si’ and the Environment: Pope Francis’ Green Encyclical

Laudato Si’ and the Environment

Pope Francis’ Green Encyclical

This volume is a response to Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical Laudato Si’ . Published in...

Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity
Oxford University Press (2001)

This study looks at two central religious issues--the religious ambiguity of the world and the...

The Morality of Nationalism
Oxford University Press (1997)

theorists to policy-makers and scholars of multiculturalism.

For the Love of Cinema: Teaching Our Passion In and Outside the Classroom

For the Love of Cinema

Teaching Our Passion In and Outside the Classroom

Indiana University Press (2017)

What role does love—of cinema, of cinema studies, of teaching and learning—play in teaching film? ...

Climate Change and Its Impacts: Risks and Inequalities

Climate Change and Its Impacts

Risks and Inequalities

Colleen Murphy, Paolo Gardoni and 1 more...
Springer International Publishing (2018)

Responding to a need for a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the consequences of climate...

Historical Dictionary of the Reformed Churches

The second edition of the Historical Dictionary of the Reformed Churches contains information on the...

New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology: Current Status and Application

New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology

Current Status and Application

Ann Richard, Chihae Yang and 33 more...
Royal Society of Chemistry (2011)

This thorough and up-to-date insight into predictive technologies considers what is on the horizon...