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Prejudice: Its Social Psychology

Prejudice (2nd ed.)

Its Social Psychology

Wiley (2010)

This new edition of Prejudice provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject, introducing the...

Henri Tajfel: Explorer of Identity and Difference
Taylor and Francis (2019)

This book offers a biographical account of Henri Tajfel, one of the most influential European social...

Social Identity Processes: Trends in Theory and Research

Social Identity Processes

Trends in Theory and Research

SAGE Publications (2000)

This landmark work offers a tour of the latest developments in Social Identity Theory from the...

Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergroup Processes

This volume will provide an authoritative, state of the art overview of the field of intergroup...

Group Processes: Dynamics within and Between Groups

Group Processes (3rd ed.)

Dynamics within and Between Groups

Wiley (2019)

The new edition of the classic text on group dynamics theory and research—extensively revised,...

Social Identities: Motivational, Emotional, Cultural Influences

Social Identities

Motivational, Emotional, Cultural Influences

Taylor and Francis (2016)

The concept of social identity occupies a central position in contemporary social psychology. ...

War Amongst the People: Critical Assessments

War Amongst the People

Critical Assessments

Howgate Publishing Ltd (2019)

Recent conflicts have required the armed forces to engage in what has been termed ‘war amongst the...