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Lafayette in the Somewhat United States
Penguin Publishing Group (2015)

From the bestselling author of Assassination Vacation and The Partly Cloudy Patriot , an...

The Wordy Shipmates
Penguin Publishing Group (2008)

From the author of Lafayette in the Somewhat United States,  The Wordy Shipmates is New York...

Assassination Vacation
Simon & Schuster (2005)

New York Times bestselling author of The Word Shipmates and contributor to NPR’s “This American...

Unfamiliar Fishes
Penguin Publishing Group (2011)

From the author of Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, an examination of Hawaii, the place...

The Partly Cloudy Patriot
Simon & Schuster (2002)

From public radio This American Life contributor and self-described “history nerd” Sarah Vowell...

Radio On: A Listener's Diary

Radio On

A Listener's Diary

St. Martin's Publishing Group (2013)

There are approximately 502 million radios in America. For this savvy, far-reaching diary,...

Take the Cannoli: Stories From the New World

Take the Cannoli

Stories From the New World

Simon & Schuster (2013)

A wickedly funny collection of personal essays from popular NPR personality Sarah Vowell. Hailed by...

The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2017
HMH Books (2017)

Best-selling author Sarah Vowell works with a group of high school students to select the year’s...