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The antidote to heavy-going, complex and lengthy textbooks on studying strategy.

Strategy: Theory and Practice

Strategy (2nd ed.)

Theory and Practice

SAGE Publications (2016)

Updated to bring the material in line with contemporary ideas and debates around strategy, the...

Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Managing and Organizations (5th ed.)

An Introduction to Theory and Practice

SAGE Publications (2019)

A realist's guide to management, the authors capture the complex life of organizations, providing...

The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Behavior: Volume Two: Macro Approaches
SAGE Publications (2008)

This handbook provides a premier point of departure for students, scholars, and researchers wishing...

The SAGE Handbook of Organization Studies
SAGE Publications (2006)

Providing a retrospective and prospective overview of organization studies, the Handbook continues...

Studying Organization: Theory and Method
SAGE Publications (1999)

This book is the state of the art in evaluating the field of organization theory and features...

Frameworks of Power
SAGE Publications (1989)

This textbook provides a coherent and comprehensive account of the different frameworks for...

Power and Organizations
SAGE Publications (2006)

A comprehensive account of power and organizations, unlocking power as the central relation of...

The SAGE Handbook of Power
SAGE Publications (2009)

The SAGE Handbook of Power is the first touchstone for any student or researcher wishing to...

Management and Organization Paradoxes
John Benjamins Publishing Company (2002)

Paradox — the simultaneous existence of two inconsistent states — has become orthodox. The orthodox...