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Therapeutic Uses of Rap and Hip-Hop
Taylor and Francis (2011)

In perceiving all rap and hip-hop music as violent, misogynistic, and sexually charged, are we...

Narrative Identities: Psychologists Engaged in Self-Construction

Narrative Identities

Psychologists Engaged in Self-Construction

Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2005)

The contributors address challenging questions about identity in relation to personality...

Analytical Music Therapy
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2002)

The book examines the origins and theory of AMT (including a contribution on the subject from Mary...

Our Black Sons Matter: Mothers Talk about Fears, Sorrows, and Hopes

Our Black Sons Matter

Mothers Talk about Fears, Sorrows, and Hopes

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2016)

Our Black Sons Matter is a powerful collection of original essays, letters, and poems that...

Music Technology in Therapeutic and Health Settings
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2013)

There is a rapidly emerging and developing area of music therapy practice that uses electronic music...

Leo Strauss, The Straussians, and the Study of the American Regime
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (1999)

Responding to volatile criticisms frequently leveled at Leo Strauss and those he influenced, the...