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Gases: Matter
Shell Education (2010)

What continues to expand to take up all the space it can? Gases! A gas is a state of matter, like a...

Earth: Neighbors in Space


Neighbors in Space

Earth is our home. It is a big, beautiful place that orbits the sun. What else is there to know...

Moons: Neighbors in Space


Neighbors in Space

There is a bright light in the sky. Sometimes it is round like a ball, and other times it is a...

Asteroids and Comets: Neighbors in Space

The sky is filled with much to see. We see the sun during the day and the moon and stars at night....

Sun: Neighbors in Space


Neighbors in Space

During the day it is usually bright outside. What causes all the light? The sun does, of course! It...

The First Geologists
Shell Education (2007)

Some of the first geologists came from ancient Greece and Egypt. Later, scientists in China studied...

Los terremotos (Earthquakes)

Most of the Earth’s changes happen over millions of years. But earthquakes can force...

Los volcanes (Volcanoes)

Images of an erupting volcano can be mesmerizing. Readers may be surprised to learn that volcanoes...

Los tornados (Tornadoes)

As far as dangerous weather goes, tornadoes may be the most fierce and powerful of storms. Readers...

Los huracanes (Hurricanes)

Hurricanes plague the tropics from June through November. Some years bring just a handful of storms....