Essentials of Cross-Cultural Counseling

by Lawrence H. Gerstein, P. Paul Heppner, Stefania Aegisdottir, Seung-Ming A. Leung,

Essentials of Cross-Cultural Counseling is a brief, supplemental book derived from the International Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling. Edited by a high-profile team with international expertise, the book focuses on the history, issues, challenges, and opportunities for the counseling profession worldwide. It includes nine chapters discussing topics such as cultural, cross-cultural, and cross-national counseling; the counseling profession both domestically and internationally; the theoretical and methodological issues when studying culture; the challenges and opportunities of cross-cultural and cross-national collaboration; and the future of cross-cultural counseling.
  • SAGE Publications; July 2011
  • ISBN: 9781452224671
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Essentials of Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Author: Lawrence H. Gerstein; P. Paul Heppner; Stefania Aegisdottir; Seung-Ming A. Leung; Kathryn L. Norsworthy
  • Imprint: SAGE Publications, Inc

In The Press

The authors have put together a must-read book for all counselors and counseling psychologists- not just those who might consider doing cross-cultural counseling. All practitioners and researchers need to have a fundamental understanding of the cultural context of their work, and this book provides the foundation for that knowledge. The chapters address practitioners wanting to work in countries outside the US, researchers wanting the background to do cross-national work, and also helps to ground US based counseling within a cultural context. Clearly, counseling in the United States in response to a particular set of contexts, and the authors thoughtfully help readers to understand that context. I applaud the authors for their careful analysis of the issues and will require this book for my students.