Social Research in Communication and Law

by Jeremy Cohen, Timothy Gleason

Series: Commtext Series (No. 23)

It is not unusual for communication and media researchers to study law or legal issues, nor is it uncommon for legal scholars to study communication law. But it is something of a departure for the two to come together as has been accomplished in this innovative volume. Social Research in Communication and Law is a practical guide for conducting research involving both legal and communication questions. Offering rich citations and examples from existing literature, this engaging volume shows communication law scholars how to make more effective use of the methodologies employed in communication science. Topics addressed include reconciling communication and law, social research approaches to libel and theories pertaining to freedom of

  • SAGE Publications; January 1990
  • ISBN: 9781452252377
  • Edition: 1
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  • Title: Social Research in Communication and Law
  • Series: Commtext Series (No. 23)
  • Author: Jeremy Cohen; Timothy Gleason
  • Imprint: SAGE Publications, Inc