Fighting for Space

Two Pilots and Their Historic Battle for Female Spaceflight

by Amy Shira Teitel

Spaceflight historian and creator of YouTube's "Vintage Space" Amy Shira Teitel tells the riveting story of the female pilots who each dreamed of being the first American woman in space.

A book that will appeal to readers of Fly Girls and The Astronaut Wives' Club, Fighting for Space is the mostly-unknown tale of Jackie Cochran and Jerrie Cobb--two accomplished aviatrixes, one generation apart, who each dreamed of being the first woman in space, but along the way battled their egos, their expectations, and ultimately the patriarchal society that stood between them and the stars.

Fighting for Space is a dual biography of these fascinating and fearless women, using their stories as guides through the changing social, political, and technical landscape of the time.

  • Grand Central Publishing; February 2020
  • ISBN: 9781538716038
  • Title: Fighting for Space
  • Author: Amy Shira Teitel
  • Imprint: Grand Central Publishing

About The Author

AMY SHIRA TEITEL is a spaceflight historian, author, YouTuber, public speaker, and popular space personality. Not unlike her subjects, she is one of the only academically trained young female spaceflight historians writing for a general audience. She runs the beloved blog Vintage Space (hosted by Discover Magazine) which is also a YouTube channel with over 325,000 subscribers. She's a regular writer for Discovery's Seeker and has hosted numerous space and science-related shows, among them NASA's Unexplained Files. She gives talks about spaceflight all over the US and Australia.